The Nation

The Nation is a creative agency in NYC with prominent multinational clients such as Disney, AOL and National Geographic. They wanted to completely redesign their old website, and create a new, interactive site based on the Squarespace platform. Our role was to translate their static designs into a viable responsive website. The design had to be state-of-the-art, and on brand, involving considerable custom development to create the desired layouts, typography and interactive features.


Responsive Design
Website Development
Custom Coding
Search Engine Optimization

The client provided us with static mockups and videos of specific interactive or responsive behaviors. We used these drafts to create a draft Squarespace website, which we made available for The Nation to review as we refined. The live site drastically cut down review cycles and approval times. Our final pass was for mobile devices, where we adjusted the custom functions and screen layout to work well on a variety of mobile devices.

This project was challenging to implement with the precision The Nation required, but in the end they were thrilled with their new website, and Kallistic has since partnered with The Nation to help them implement highly customized website designs and animated ad campaigns for other clients.